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At Earnity, we have a strong conviction that cryptocurrency will play a pivotal role in shaping the future. To help the next 100 million crypto users navigate this exciting and complex landscape, we are building a network of top experts in the field who are highly qualified and capable of providing valuable insights and expertise.

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Expert FAQs

Earnity is a Silicon Valley community-based crypto platform and marketplace where users can learn about crypto through trusted expert content, as well as share, buy, gift or create collections of crypto.
Our expert network is a trusted place for crypto newcomers and enthusiasts to find and interact with a wide variety of crypto experts. Experts have many crypto-related specialties, including financial advising, taxes, estate planning, security, and more. Experts expand their reach and connect with potential clients through posting high quality crypto related content on the platform, as well as through their expert profile.
Our experts have a wide range of specialties, including finance, taxes, regulations, security, custody and estate planning. If you have an expertise or specialty related to crypto, we’d love to hear from you.
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The Earnity Crypto Expert Network is free to join. It is Earnity’s mission to provide high quality information and expertise to everyone.
We’re creating a safe space where anyone can learn & buy crypto, and that means bringing in high quality experts. Our vetting process is customized based on each expert profile. We always meet with experts to thoroughly understand their specific crypto expertise, and conduct a thorough vetting process of the experts identity and credentials. You can learn more about our vetting process here.