Crypto is going mainstream, join us for the ride
Crypto is going mainstream

If the past year or so is any indication, crypto is going mainstream. From television ads, to mass media coverage – not to mention corporations adding bitcoin to balance sheets – conversations about crypto seem to be everywhere.
But why? And why now?
There are a number of factors that are all playing into crypto’s mainstream moment: 

  • Economic uncertainty – Bitcoin, the world’s first and still most dominant decentralized, permissionless crypto network, was created on the heels of the 2008 global financial crisis. That meltdown, largely attributed to excessive financial engineering by Wall Streeters at the expense of everyone else, inspired the first wave of crypto adopters to look for alternatives. That’s why bitcoin’s early ethos of peer-to-peer money, sent over the internet, without the meddling (and expense) of third parties, really resonated. More recently, in a pandemic-gripped world, global leaders decided to start printing money at rates never seen before in all of human history. In March 2020, when the Federal Reserve began ramping up money printing, there was approximately $4.2 trillion in circulation. By December 2021, the number increased to approximately $20.3 trillion and growing. 

Below is a chart from the Federal Reserve showing the unprecedented increase in the M1 money supply (the currency in circulation). 

Chart from the Federal Reserve

The ramifications of all the recent financial tinkering, at a global scale, are still not fully defined – and will likely take years to understand. While we wait, one immediate impact seems clear. Inflation in the United States just hit a 40-year high. Unlike fiat currencies that are controlled by governments, crypto systems and the economic rules governing them are baked into computer code. 

  • Emergence of Web3 DeFi, NFTs, metaverse, etc., there is so much innovation happening at the intersection of technology and finance that it can be hard to keep up sometimes. But crypto platforms are enabling the next evolution of the internet and emphasize user privacy, data ownership, security, and interoperability. While individual projects matter, what matters more is that the future of the internet will be less focused on surveillance, attention advertising, and data monopolies, and more focused on digital property rights, financial sovereignty, and security – all of which are enabled by the fundamental properties of truly decentralized crypto networks.
  • Tech readiness – The world is more connected than ever before. From developing economies to industrial centers, people are now able to connect to the internet via wireless devices. This is creating opportunities to leapfrog traditional ways of doing things and creating massive opportunities, especially for people and communities that have not traditionally had much access to tech and financial products. One of the unique things about crypto is that the only thing that is required is a cell signal. According to this 2021 study of crypto adoption rates by the blockchain analytics firm Chainalysis, the most rapid crypto growth is happening in developing economies. 
  • Store of value – Another interesting facet of cryptocurrencies, especially the market leader, bitcoin, is the emerging store of value use case. The idea that people can store assets and wealth in computer code and easily secure, maintain, and transport those assets is also something completely new – and useful. 

When looked at together, all of these conditions – from global macro economics, to the speculative bet on where the future is headed, lends itself to a new kind of enthusiasm about crypto.  
There is a well-worn analogy that compares crypto adoption rates to the growth of the internet. Most recently, a report by the Wells Fargo Investment Institute, pinpointed exactly where crypto would fall on the internet’s history growth curve. According to the report, “Cryptocurrencies appear to be near a hyper-adoption phase, similar to that of the internet during the mid-to-late 1990s.” In other words, crypto is still really early.

Crypto’s lack of human-centered design (until now)

The promise of crypto is fast, secure, equitable, and accessible finance. In the history of human civilization, an open and fair global financial system has never existed. Likely, when all the pieces do finally fit together, it will change the way that humans can cooperate, organize, and co-exist. 
But for all of its potential value to the world, there are still a few things that are acting like massive speed bumps on the road to total mass adoption. One of the biggest challenges is that while crypto has a lot of utility, it is still complicated to use. And for people just getting into crypto, there is a massive learning curve that can sometimes be a deterrent. 
That’s where Earnity comes in. Earnity is designed from the ground up to provide an easy-to-use, informative, and secure crypto experience.

How Earnity will onboard the next hundred million crypto users

Earnity isn’t just another crypto exchange or crypto wallet with enhanced functionality. Instead, it’s a dynamic marketplace that allows people to interact, share thoughts and ideas, create themed crypto collections, build an audience, and be part of a community. Earnity is a new kind of crypto platform that will provide a secure and easy-to-use experience, while also creating new kinds of opportunities and access points to bridge the gulf between the legacy (centralized) financial system and the emerging (decentralized) financial system.
The goal of Earnity’s roadmap is to take that best of what works on the internet, like social and community experiences, and combine them with the best of what’s working in crypto, such as security and freedom, to build a platform that is accessible to all levels of participation, and at the same time robust enough to help push the crypto adoption curve to the next phase of growth. 
We invite you to join us on our mission of crypto, together.

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