About Us

Who We Are

We are an international team of passionate fintech veterans with a shared belief that managing crypto should be much simpler. That’s why we are building a new way to exchange, manage security, earn, and learn about crypto. We are so passionate about the future of blockchain that most of us plan to dedicate the remainder of our careers to building crypto products that we believe will become industry benchmarks. Before coming together, we founded companies, built amazing fintech products, and raised capital with some of the world’s best.

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What we do

We are building a curated financial marketplace for tokens, so everyone can learn, save, and earn in a way that is straightforward and intuitive. We believe that accessing decentralized financial products shouldn’t require twenty steps. Just like taking control of your money shouldn’t require a degree in cryptography. Whether you are investing in your future here on earth or planning to buy an island in your favorite metaverse, we’re working hard to become your trusted financial marketplace to learn, earn, and exchange crypto assets.

Earnity - What we do

Why we do it

The revolution of code-based money and financial services will change the world — for the better. We want to help lead the charge, educate regulators, politicians, academics and industries about how you can take more control of your money, and we want all of our users to be there right along with us. We believe most of the world is still missing out on all of the opportunities in crypto and DeFi because these new technologies are still cumbersome to use. Without compromising on security, safety, and privacy, we make new forms of finance easy and inviting for all.

What motivates us

As financial technology and crypto veterans we value security, simplicity and sharing great ideas. We also love building products that we can confidently recommend to our own friends and families.

Since we have spent so much time in the fintech industry, we have experienced first hand what sophisticated digital fraud and theft looks like — and what it feels like to be on the side that suffers losses. Those experiences serve as a powerful motivation for us to develop a secure product so that we can all sleep better at night.

We also care about equitable access to cutting edge financial products. And we are continually inspired by crypto’s true promise of individual empowerment. That’s why at our core we want to make it easier for people to educate one another — away from the empty hype and noise associated with traditional crypto social media.

Above all, we believe that by putting our skills, experience, and our heart and soul into products that we care about will allow us to make a meaningful contribution to a better financial future — one with more transparency, opportunity, and easy access for all.

Join Us

We are in hyper growth mode and looking for the right people to help us achieve our mission. If any of this resonates with you, please check out our careers page.